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Terms and conditions

By visiting websites lime-booking.comapp.lime-booking.com and other linked websites and/or applications of Adanta d.o.o., you agree to the General Terms and Conditions. The following terms and conditions govern the operation of the website lime-booking.com and applications app.lime-booking.com, the rights and obligations of the user and the provider and govern the business relationship between them.

With the website www.lime-booking.com, as well as with the app app.lime-booking.com (hereinafter also referred to as Lime Booking) managed by Adanta d.o.o., Seliškarjeva ulica 16, 2250 Ptuj, registration number: 8919160000, tax number: SI 85728403, which is an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter also referred to as Provider or Lime Booking).

The User is bound by the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of registration of the account on the website lime-booking.com and/or app.lime-booking.com. The user is warned individually each time when registering and logging in general terms and conditions and click on the "Create an account", confirm your knowledge of them.

All of the above provisions of the General Terms and Conditions are general terms and conditions within the meaning of Article 120 of the Code of Obligations (Official Journal of the RS, No 97/07 et seq.) and are binding as contractual provisions.

Lime Booking reserves the right to update and amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice.

Registration and user account

To use the Lime Booking app, users must register. To successfully complete the registration process, the user must fill in all the required fields. The user undertakes to enter truthful information in the fields. Any person aged 18 years or over and of legal capacity may be a user.

User account terms

It is the user's responsibility to keep their account and password secure. Lime Booking cannot and will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the user's failure to comply with this security obligation.

The User understands and agrees that Lime Booking will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, use, data, goodwill or other intangible losses arising out of the use of the Lime Booking App.

Description of the service

Lime Booking is a provider of online ordering, management and customer notification software. The software offers the possibility to enter, modify and delete customer appointments in the calendar.

It also provides monitoring of customer analytics at macro level (aggregated data) and micro level (individual customers).

The user can automatically inform customers by SMS and/or e-mail messages, the sequences and content of which are determined by the user.

The user may edit and publish the online form through which he offers his customers the possibility of ordering. In the settings, you can edit the details of location, services, entities, staff and days off.

Depending on the packages you choose, the functionalities are available accordingly.

The User undertakes to ensure that the content that he/she enters into the Software is truthful and lawful.

Prices and payments

All users are entitled to a free 2-day trial of the app. After the period, users must choose one of the paid packages to continue using the app. If the user does not choose to do so, access to the app will be disabled.

The app user confirms the choice of a pay-as-you-go package in the app itself, by clicking on one of the packages and filling in the credit card details. They can also confirm their choice in writing by email or verbally over the phone. The electronic contract is for a minimum period of one month. In the event of early cancellation of the contract, the user is not entitled to a refund of the accrued subscription fee.

The subscription billing period is the same as the current month. The invoice is sent in PDF format to the e-mail address entered when registering the user account.

The user can invoice within 8 days from the date of issue. Lime Booking will reply to the complaint within 7 working days.

All prices quoted on the website and app are exclusive of VAT.

In accordance with the Law on Value Added Tax (ZDDV-1), VAT is thus charged on all prices at the rate of 22 %.

SMS billing

Depending on the package selected, the user has a subscription for the amount of SMS messages. Each additional SMS message that exceeds the number of SMS messages purchased in the package will be charged at the price of 0,06 € excl. VAT. The amount of SMS messages and the amount of the surcharge will be charged on the next invoice.

Online payment billing

If you use the online payment and advance payment functionality, Lime Booking is entitled to charge you the cost of the transaction.

Each online payment transaction of the term is charged X cents and 1.5 % of the payment value.

Late payment of subscription fees

In the event of late payment by the user, a notification of overdue obligations will be sent to the user by e-mail. The user has 8 days to pay the overdue obligations, otherwise an account freeze notice will be sent to the user by e-mail. The user then has 30 days to pay the overdue obligations, otherwise the frozen account will be irrevocably deleted.

Developing tailor-made solutions

In the case of custom solutions that are not part of the functionality of the application, but which the user would like to have additionally, the service provider will prepare an estimate and a quotation based on the specifications.

Payment and credit cards

In the case of payment by debit or credit card, the following conditions also apply:

  • the payer (details in the user's account) must be the same person or organisation as the owner of the debit or credit card.

Protection of personal data

Lime Booking undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and GDPR-2.

For full details on the processing of personal data, please see our Privacy Policy. The User must be aware that he/she is obliged to provide the Online Trader with his/her personal data in a correct and truthful form and to inform the Online Trader of any changes to his/her data. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User confirms that the personal data provided by him/her is correct.


Lime Booking will contact the user by means of distance communications only if the user does not expressly object to this and in accordance with the provisions of ZEKom-2.

Advertorial emails Lime Booking will contain the following ingredients:

  • they will be clearly and unambiguously identified as advertising messages,
  • Sender Lime Booking will be clearly visible,
  • various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be labelled as such. The conditions for participation in them will also be clearly defined,
  • a clear explanation of how to opt-out of receiving advertising messages,
  • the user's preference not to receive advertising messages, will be Lime Booking explicitly respected.


Advertising messages Lime Booking will be clearly visible and distinct from the games and competitions.

Limitation of liability

Users use Adanta d.o.o. applications and services at their own risk.

Lime Booking uses third parties to provide the hardware, software, network, hard disk space and related technology necessary to provide the Services.

Modifying, customising or hacking the Lime Booking app is prohibited. It is also prohibited to modify other websites to make them appear to be linked to the Website and/or the Lime Booking App.