Frequently Asked Questions - Lime Booking

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Lime Booking without online scheduling, only for SMS notifications?

Of course. Many of our users use Lime Booking without the online scheduling functionality. You can manage appointments as you do now, except that you enter them in the Lime calendar instead of in a notepad.

Customers can still book an appointment with you through other channels, i.e. also over the phone. You can manually enter a person into the online calendar at any time.

You can access Lime Booking from different devices (computer, phone, tablet) using your username and password. You can also be logged into multiple devices at the same time.

At any time, you can decide to change packages, change the number of users and/or locations, and purchase additional modules (website, custom sender ID).

The number of customers is unlimited in all packages.

Lime Booking allows you to limit how much time before the appointment (or how much in advance) the customer can make an appointment with you.

Yes, Lime Booking allows you to set up notification of employees via SMS and/or e-mail notifications about orders, reorders and cancellations of appointments.

Lime Booking has been designed to be used on all devices, with a special focus on mobile devices. Lime Booking can be accessed with full functionality via phone, computer and tablet.

No, an application is not required. The customer can make an appointment via your website/form both on the phone and on a computer or tablet.

No problem! Although you don’t have a fixed schedule, you can adjust your schedule however you want. You can also open/close online scheduling for each individual day.

Our consulting team makes the transition from the previous application to Lime Booking as easy as possible. We help you move appointments to our application.

You can set a custom duration for each service. You can also determine how long the service lasts with the service provider and how much time the provider is free to perform other services (so-called pause service).

You can create both SMS and e-mail messages yourself. You can personalize them using dynamic fields and you can also have custom text for each service.

Lime Booking enables recurring appointments, the duration of which you determine yourself.

We are here to help you.

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