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Save as much as 10 hours a weekwhen communicating with customers with the help of automatic SMS notifications!

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Studio Trepka

Anja F.

Lime Booking is the best because I have all the information at my fingertips and bookings are quicker and more transparent. And the team is fast and friendly!

Pri nabriti Ani

Ana K.

I use Lime because it makes my life easier. I don’t have to answer calls anymore, it’s easier for my customers because they can book an appointment online whenever they want. I also like it because it’s very transparent and very easy, even for customers!

Studio 971

Nina H.

I recommend! Since using Lime, running the salon is easier for me. Lime is easy to use, transparent, saves me a lot of time and keeps my customers happy. Kudos to the team for their kindness and responsiveness 🙂

Glow Up

Tjaša J. F.

Rating 11/10. It’s simple and effective. Hats off to the whole Lima team for being incredibly responsive even when they are (supposed to be) off. Above all, we are impressed that they take all our wishes and suggestions into account and implement them as quickly as possible. On average, Lime Booking saves us about 5 hours a day!

Salon Cani

Tjaša Ž.

I am letting you know that the program is great and we are very satisfied because it makes a lot of work easier for us and everything is nicely transparent and organized… Greetings from the salon, love Cani❤️


Enej K.

Lime Booking was introduced in our company to better screen our clients and schedule consulting appointments. We have to say that we are very satisfied with the overall user experience. We also like the responsiveness of the team and the constant development of the tool itself. I highly recommend it!

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