Top 3 kozmetični trendi letošnje jeseni - Lime Booking

Top 3 cosmetic trends this autumn

Top 3 kozmetični trendi letošnje jeseni - Lime Booking
This autumn also brings new cosmetic trends - natural or bold. Choose your trend and shine this colourful season.

As summer recedes and nature prepares for its autumn makeover, the world of cosmetics takes on a new look. Autumn is a time of transition and new beginnings, and this is also true for cosmetic trends. Every season brings fresh trends, new make-up techniques and exciting products that encourage you to push the boundaries of your creative expression through make-up. Whether you love a minimalist look or you're into bold experimentation, this autumn is the time to discover what's new in the world of beauty.

Latte make up

One of the trends that has carried over from summer to autumn is Latte make up. Recognised for its delicate elegance and natural-looking warmth, it was inspired by the popular coffee latte.

The main characteristic of latte make-up is natural skin that glows and breathes. The emphasis is on creating an even foundation that allows natural beauty to prevail. Light foundations are used, such as BB creams or gentle powders to make skin feel fresh and look flawless.

In the eye area, the trend combines neutral shades such as warm brown, caramel and soft vanilla tones. Eyeshadows blend gently and merge into soft transitions, creating a soft and warm natural look.

Particular attention is paid to the lips, where soft shades similar to milk and coffee latte are used, the aim being to create the impression of softly coloured lips.

In the summer months, the trend has already caught the fancy of many celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, which has further contributed to his popularity.

Blood red lips

This autumn, blood red lip colour will take centre stage as one of the key beauty trends. Expressive shade of red will give you a strong and confident look that goes perfectly with the warm tones of autumn colours.

This trend adapts to different skin tones, as blood red offers a wide range of shades. Whether you opt for a deep wine red or a lighter shade, you're sure to stand out.

This trend is perfect for those of you who want to try something a little more daring and prefer to go for a slightly more noticeable make-up style.

Barbie pink blush

Surely you're not surprised that the Barbie craze will carry over into autumn, are you?

This trend is a vibrant and feminine shade of pink on the cheeks.

For those who prefer a more natural look, you can opt for a gentle application of this shade to create a natural and fresh accent on the cheekbones. It's an enhanced version of the natural flush that this trend will conjure up on your face.

Barbie pink blush can be paired with neutral eyeshadows for a balanced look, or used as part of a bold look where it colour-coordinates with other make-up elements.

This trend is characterised by its freshness, colour and vibrancy, brightening up the duller days of autumn.

As you have seen, autumn is indeed the ideal time to play with colours, textures and styles, and encourages you to try out different shades and play with different looks to discover new ways to express your personality through make-up. You already know which of this year's autumn trends will you try the first one?



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