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This autumn's top trends

Top trendi letošnje jeseni - Lime Booking
Alongside the changing scenery and falling leaves, autumn also brings a fresh wave of hair trends that will be all the rage this season.

Autumn is coming soon, so nature is turning into warmer shades, the days are getting a little shorter and the air is filling with a pleasant freshness. In addition to the changing scenery and falling leaves, autumn also brings a fresh wave of hairdressing trends, that will delight this season. 

Whether you're looking for a complete makeover or just a refresh of your current look, you'll find that this year's Autumn trends you're sure to find the perfect idea for a new hairstyle that will keep you looking fabulous all season long.

Warm shades in the colours of falling leaves

As if nature had given inspiration to hairdressers, warm shades of falling leaves are one of the main trends this autumn. Bakreni, red and gold shades intertwined in the hairstyles create a wonderful warmth. Whether you opt for a full dye job or just a few strands, these warm shades are sure to add freshness to your look and are perfect for the most colourful time of the year.

Italian bob

One of the most outstanding hair trends this autumn is undoubtedly the Italian bob, which many celebrities swear by, including Zendaya. 

The Italian bob combines classic elegance with a modern twist and is a kind of evolution of the classic bob. 

The length of this hairstyle is somewhere between to the classic and long bob, i.e. the ends of the hair are located between the jaw and the shoulders, and the exact length can be adapted to the individual's facial features and preferences.

The advantage of this trend is that it adapts to different hair textures, whether naturally wavy, curly or perfectly straight. It's also great for highlighting facial features, as it ends around the jawline or shoulders, accentuating the cheekbones and neck.

Top trendi letošnje jeseni - Lime Booking

The ballerina's figa

This autumn's trends will be dominated by closely combed hairstyles, especially among the pinned-up hairstyles. ballet flats.

They are suitable for every day as well as special occasions and instantly add a sophisticated touch, just like ballerinas.

The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it is extremely easy to create and accentuates facial features very nicely, and fits autumn and winter pieces such as turtleneck sweaters, shirts, as it accentuates the neck nicely.

To spice up your hairstyle, you can play around with different elastics or ribbons to tighten the bun.

Butterfly cut

Butterfly cut is a hairstyle that boasts a unique combination of symmetry and dynamism. As the name suggests, this trend is inspired by the natural beauty of butterfly wings, as it is based on haircutting and styling techniques that create the impression of flared wings. 

This hairstyle can be adapted to different hair lengths and textures, as well as to different dress styles and occasions.

With different options for hair colours, lengths and shapes Autumn trends allow you to express your personality. This autumn, let this be the time when you step outside your comfort zone and try something new to refresh your look. A change of hairstyle not only gives you a different look, but also a sense of confidence and satisfaction.



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